We had the chance to have a quick chat with Marlon about the why?Not club, his new found home in Zanzibar and the festival scene on the archipelago.
Marlon grew up in Ibiza as the son of two German parents. His father arrived on the island in the late 70s and was one of the pioneers of the early scene, running a bar at both Pacha and Amnesia Club alongside his main project, the famous Tango Bar on the port. It is safe to say that Marlon has nightlife in his DNA and he hopes to continue this legacy in Zanzibar today.

How and why did you come to Zanzibar?
The first time I came to Zanzibar was actually because of the pandemic. When the world was shut down, we heard that there was a festival called Sunwaves from Romania [in Tanzania]. So me and one of my friends from Ibiza decided to go. We had already heard about the island through Sonica Radio in Ibiza and Ricardo Villalobos, who had been down there with my friend months before, along with Nacho Capella, a real icon of Ibiza. And there was this little scene that started and sparked off. So yeah, we decided to go to Zanzibar and it was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.

What is "why not"? How did this collaboration come about?
why?Not is basically an extension of the history of free thinkers and people who want to get together to enjoy life and dance music without judgment. Just like Ibiza, Goa, Bali or Tulum started but suddenly got commercialized by the masses and in my opinion lost part of its essence. The collaboration was made possible by small coincidences and like-minded people working together to create a blank canvas for the electronic music scene. I am still overwhelmed by the support we have received from all over the world - artists, creatives, agencies, promoters, sound engineers, etc. We have a great team that I am very proud of and grateful for. You know who you are!

What can the festival guests expect at why?Not - Butik - LHF in Zanzibar?
Lots of fun with amazing people in an unreal location with a 5 star line-up. All tribes together!

Are there more festivals in Zanzibar? Will we be hearing more from the archipelago in the future?
Yes, our friends from Bahrain who do the Soundscapes Festival every year, which we're working with for example - we have a camp at their festival and we're co-hosting the official after party together in our club! It is definitely a great festival! About 1000 people attend Soundscape and the 4th edition will be in June 2024. At the beginning of November the guys from Caprice Festival are doing a small gathering called ITER Trip. We have a great relationship with them and are looking forward to it. Last but not least we are waiting for Sunwaves to come back :)

Why should everyone have been there at least once?
If you want to experience a place that's still raw and feels like a time capsule to simpler times, this is your place! The locals are very friendly, it is surrounded by almost untouched nature and some of the cleanest blue water on the planet.
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22nd Feb
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